A heart-centered approach to discovering your inner bluebird of happiness, wisdom and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Medicine

Utilize the tools of lifestyle medicine, alongside your individual innate wisdom, to discover deep, joyful health and wellbeing.

Yoga Classes

Taught from a foundation of truthfulness, love and respect for ourselves, our bodies and others, take a yoga class in a public setting.

Private Yoga Training

Looking for more personal attention in your yoga practice? Train in a private setting one-on-one or with a small group with a private class.

Happiness from within...

By working with Becky, you too can come to the realization that the happiness and joy we all want is found from within ourselves.

Meet Becky

Indigo Bunting Wellness was born from the experiences of its owner and creator, Becky. Through her own journey of healing and yoga training, she found peace and happiness within herself, and the comfort of feeling at home within her body.

As a certified health and wellness coach, a registered nurse and yoga instructor, her ultimate wish is to help others feel at home in their own bodies and find joy within themselves. She helps others discover how to live in ways that support and nourish their hearts, which ultimately transcends into all other aspects of their lives.