Meet Becky

Indigo Bunting Wellness was born from the experiences of its owner and creator, Becky. Through her own journey of healing and yoga training, she found peace and happiness within herself, and the comfort of feeling at home within her body.

As a certified health and wellness coach, registered nurse and yoga instructor, her ultimate wish is to help others feel at home in their own bodies and find joy within themselves. She helps others discover how to live in ways that support and nourish their hearts, which ultimately transcends into all other aspects of their lives.

Her Story

My life story would be considered average; but like most I have had losses and challenges that shifted my view of the experiences that have filled it. I learned many things the hard way. I struggled with an eating disorder from a young age that affected decisions, friendships and relationships, including with myself. But, I have also been blessed beyond measure! I have a large, loving family. I am a mom of 3 wonderful young adult children that I couldn’t be prouder of. I have been married to my husband John since 1993, and I have been a Registered Nurse just as long! 

My nursing career has included Family Medicine, pediatrics, college health, maternal & newborn care, and Lifestyle Medicine. In 2015, I changed the way I live and eat. To be true to myself, I chose veganism. This was the decision that led me to adopting a Whole-Foods Plant-based diet and understanding human health through the lens of lifestyle choices. Personally, I discovered joy and freedom in my relationship with food and professionally, a rejuvenation in my nursing career. In 2019, I completed my certification in Health and Wellness Coaching with an additional certification in Lifestyle Medicine Coaching. I then completed training and certification in plant-based nutrition from eCornell in January 2022. 

After practicing yoga since 2010 a bit inconsistently, in 2020 I sought yoga teacher training as a way to connect to my own body in a positive, “embodied” way. The two 200-hour trainings that I completed for certification were very different from each other, but beautifully complimentary! I continue to add depth to my yoga teacher training and have a certification in Restorative Yoga.  In January 2023, I completed a 300 hr teacher training with Mark Stephens

I am deeply thankful to my teachers, Rick Lynch and Margaret Newland from Principles of Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater for the Restorative yoga training, and Yoga Farm Ithaca. 

When I am not working or teaching, I love reading, being outdoors hiking/snowshoeing (often with our dogs), paddle boarding, biking, gardening and so on! We have been a foster family for many, many dogs and continue to assist with animal transport and rescue when we can. I care deeply for our earth, the environment and all of the ecosystems that need our stewardship. The welfare of all beings is the foundation of all of the work that I do. 


Safe Space

Indigo Bunting Wellness operates as a safe space. Racism, bigotry, sexism and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.